Friday, February 8, 2008


What Price that Chicken Leg?
Today I caught some of the Opie and Andy morning show. I am not a big fan, but living in rural CT, I am limited as to what stations I can receive to wake me in the morning. They were talking about cruelty to animals. Specifically, they were talking about the killing of chickens in slaughterhouses. I only listened for a few minutes, but what they were trying to say, I think, was that the United States was in no position to cast stones at the Dominican Republic for their legalization of cock fighting.I would have to agree.They proceeded to roll some tape about some pretty horrific goings on in the places from whence our chicken dinners come from.

I think most people would agree that slaughterhouses are abhorrent, but nonetheless are necessary evils in a society that has no intention of converting to vegetarian practices any time soon.
The real problem, I suppose - if you concede that this killing is a necessity, is in the way it is being done. Apparently, although if you thought about it - predictably, these slaughterhouses attract all kinds of demented individuals. I mean really - who dreams of working in a slaughterhouse when they grow up? It seems that the people who work in these places (and of course let me qualify that to some) actually enjoy their job much too much.These tapes recorded incidents of stepping on the chickens, running over them with the truck, breaking their legs and backs and all manner of gratuitous cruelty that was not part of the normal killing process.

As with my entry about the dead horse, I have to wonder exactly how many new Ted Bundys are in the making at places like these. You might ask which came first, the chicken or the egg. I would excuse the pun and say I don't think it really matters where these perverts are created. What matters is that we are not weeding them out and getting rid of them. And yet, we continue to complain when we can't be safe walking our streets, driving in our cars or even in our homes.

In the end, I guess I am saying that the practice of slaughtering animals is necessary, the abuse is not and someone needs to step in for the animals.
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